Friday, October 17, 2008

1435. A Hart Moisture Gauge, for determining the moisture content of a piece of wood:

A large image of the chart on the box lid can be seen here.

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The hammer is used to tap in the probe, and the pry bar on the other end is used to remove it.

1436. A rack lifter, this winch was powered by horses and was used to elevate a wagon box or rack of hay up to the second floor of a barn, where it was forked to the storage area. Patent number 379,693 has some drawings of a similar device.

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Photographed at the Michigan Whitetail Hall of Fame Museum

1437. An Enfield gun tool that was found in Gettysburg, the first corkscrews for bottles were derived from gun worms like the one seen below, in this case it was attached to a ramrod and used to extract the ball and patch when there was a misfire. The wrench was for removing the primer nipple for a percussion cap, and the pick was used to open up and clean out the passage that allows the ignition flame to reach the powder charge.

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1438. O-Ring Picks, used to remove various sizes and shapes of O-rings:

1439. A universal package opener, this tool works great for opening those difficult clam shell packages.

The razor knife can be used to cut tape and the small screwdrivers are for opening battery compartments.

1440. A trigger lock for a gun:

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